Fire suppression

Weighted Lever Valve Code 97

The Conflow Code 97 - Weighted Lever Valve is used to supply water to small fire barrier and Auxiliary Fan Systems. The valve is operated by a lever, which falls under gravity due to a weight fixed to it.

The weight is normally held in position with a wire rope, remotely secured and held in tension by the weight.

Thermal links, spaced along the wire are activated by a rise in temperature, which relaxes the wire, allowing the weight to fall and open the valve.

Typical Applications

  • To supply water to a mini fire barrier surrounding underground plant (e.g. A pumping station) to deluge a fire created by overheating equipment


  • 1" port size
  • Maximum working pressure 105 bar
  • Triggered by quartz thermal links @ 57°C
  • Designed to be used as part of the Auxiliary Fan barrier and Mini Fire Barrier around pumping stations