Fire suppression

Fire Hydrant Code 12

The Conflow Code 12 - Underground Fire Hydrant is a control valve used to reduce underground mains water pressure and flow to ensure the protection of the fire hose.

The desired outlet pressure for any available inlet pressure is pre-set by bringing a locking dome into contact with a stop collar on the spindle.

The Conflow Code 14PS pre-setting bend is used to pre-set and test the hydrant to ensure a safe and constantly available supply of fire fighting water. A safety relief valve is built into the unit to ensure there is no pressure build up if the outlet hose is blocked.

Typical Applications

  • Fitted, at the required intervals in underground mines mains water supply as the outlets for fire fighting hoses


  • 2 1/2" VIC or flange inlet
  • Maximum working pressure 105 bar
  • Outlet pressure is adjustable and can be pre-set
  • Unit also incorporates integral shut-off valve and safety relief valve
  • Controls delivery flow to maximum of 600 LPM